Perfect Wellness And TechnoAlpin Partner in North America, Plus New Effe Updates

It’s been a busy and rewarding few weeks at Perfect Wellness Group, and we’re happy to announce some new developments in the world of wellness. Firstly, we’re proud to announce our official partnership with TechnoAlpin Indoor, creator of custom snow rooms and snow showers. These stunning spaces are the perfect wellness accompaniment to a luxury spa, or as an installation in communal spaces.

Next, we’re excited to share some updates to our Effe wellness offerings, most notably new diffusers for the Nuvola Smart steam system, a redesigned Logica Plus sauna + steam cabin, and new finishes for hammams.

TechnoAlpin Indoor Snow Rooms & Snow Showers

Snow rooms and snow showers are the next frontier of modern wellness, and no one is creating such beautiful spaces as TechnoAlpin Indoor, our new spa partner. Snow rooms are becoming an essential spa experience as a way to cool down after high-heat thermal experiences like saunas or steam rooms, and offer wellness benefits that work in tandem with those thermal spaces.

TechnoAlpin Indoor provides the greatest experience in terms of both design and functionality, with the highest-quality snow produced in a space that can be created among four different basic designs and further customized within the parameters chosen. Snow showers are also a stunning addition to commercial spas, as well as an interesting installation in other communal spaces such as restaurants, lobbies, and social clubs. Inquire with us to learn more.

Nuvola Smart: New Diffusers Available

Nuvola Smart is the most sophisticated steam technology available on the market today and is ideal for large spaces. The Nuvola Smart is a traditional external steam generator with a unit installed outside the cubicle for a crisp, sleep look. The new diffusers for the Nuvola Smart include two type categories: the Smart version that comes in Glass or Camouflage, or the Classic version with cylindrical metal in several different finish options

Travertino Finish for Steam Rooms

A new finish for steam rooms/hammams for the Yoku line includes a porcelain tile called travertino, in two colors: dark and light. This travertino finish is an elegant addition to the existing porcelain tile options for Effe steam rooms and adds a touch of sophistication and drama to the Yoku line.

Cabanon and Aladdin Available in North America

The Aladdin sauna, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is an interior sauna cabin that is engineered to appear as if it’s floating, and is the perfect sauna cabin for residential spas. Now available in Oak and Wenge finishes, the Aladdin sauna is a feat of design brilliance and impeccable sauna technology.

The Cabanon is Effe’s flagship outdoor sauna, available in North America as the “Garden” version that can be placed in a backyard or on the grounds of your property. The Cabanon is available in heat-treated aspen or a darker, heat-treated wood and its exterior aluminum cladding can also be customized among three different earthy tones.