Internal v. External Steam Generators

Not all steam is created the same, nor are the steam generators they issue from. In the world of wellness, steam is an essential experience for any shower or steam room, whether it’s at home or in a spa, and for good reason: spending time in a steam room—or hammam—offers multiple health and wellness benefits that have been in use for thousands of years. So why isn’t all steam the same? Let us break it down for you.

Internal v. External Steam Generators

An “external” steam generator is the kind you may be more familiar with if you’ve visited a steam room or converted your home shower into a steam shower. External steam generators have an external boiler installed outside the steam room/hammam, usually within the walls of the cabin or outside the cabin entirely. There is a small steam diffuser within the cabin that emits steam, usually pressurized, and fills the space.

So, what is an internal steam generator? Put simply, an internal steam generator does not require any external unit/box/boiler placed outside of the hammam space. Rather, the entire unit features a boiler, diffuser, and tray for aromatherapy entirely contained within one sleek, stylish unit. It can be installed via a slim counterbox set within the walls of the cabin, and leads to a superior steam experience.

Currently, Effe offers the only internal steam generators available on the market today. Effe steam generators feature this unique, proprietary technology that truly takes the guesswork out of steam generators. Easy to install and operate, Effe steam generators also feature a range of high-tech features that make the unit easy to maintain, meaning you won’t spend nearly as much time servicing the boiler as you would with an external unit.

Features of an Effe Steam Generator

Here’s a quick breakdown of the features of an Effe internal steam generator:

  • Smart Energy Control: evenly-spaced on/off periods for the heating elements to maintain even steam distribution
  • Smart Boiler Cleaning: Dilution and intermediate rinsing processes that are not time-controlled, but based on real need to reduce limescale deposits and avoid frequent boiler maintenance
  • Smart Water Filling: Optimized management of boiler filling, intermediate rinsing and emptying process.
  • Effe Comfort Control: Remote control of the hammam from a smart device using the Effegibi Experience app
  • Regulating Water Flow: The generator can work on a wide range of water pressures, from 0.2 bar to 10 bar.
  • Power Steam Function: The innovative ventilation management system minimizes temperature layering inside the cabin.

Effe has a wide range of internal steam generators perfect for either home or commercial use. The newest model, Inside, can also be camouflaged to match the finish of your hammam walls, and also features a new method of self-cleaning that does not require the services of a technician.