Introducing New Sauna and Steam: The Outdoor ‘Cabanon’ Sauna and the Internal Steam Generator ‘Inside’

Here at Perfect Wellness, we’re happy to be the partners and exclusive distributors of Effe Perfect Wellness’s top-of-the-line sauna cabins and steam generators. As you may know, Effe is an industry leader of wellness products, offering a line of sauna and steam cabins, integrated units, and steam generators.

Effe’s technology is unmatched, especially in the world of steam. Unlike our competitors, Effe’s steam generators feature a range of advanced features such as Smart Energy Control, Smart Boiler Cleaning, Power Steam Function, Smart Water Filling, and many more energy-efficient and intelligent tools that elevate the steam experience beyond that of our competitors.

Now, Effe and Perfect Wellness are proud to introduce two new standout wellness offerings that build upon the Effe tradition of technological advancements, luxury design, and an unparalleled wellness experience.

Introducing Cabanon, Effe’s First Outdoor Sauna

Cabanon is Effe’s first outdoor sauna and is available in two models: Garden, designed for gardens and green spaces, and Terrace, which is ideal for more urban settings such as terraces and verandas.

The design captures the perfect balance between the two basic requirements of an outdoor sauna: to feel part of the surrounding landscape and create a comfortable, intimate environment.

Cabanon is a fully enclosed sauna available in a 230 x 230 cm version and a slightly smaller 160 x 160 cm model, with a deck in WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) boards on the entrance side. This extension of the sauna space can be accessorized with curtains for more privacy.

The sauna is easy to transport and install in even the most inaccessible places. Cabanon is a modular sauna with an aluminum frame designed so the interior covering in wood and the external painted corrugated aluminum cladding (available in moss, brick and cement) can be fitted easily in the final stage of installation. The Terrace version has a single door in toughened glass. The Garden version also features a symmetrical glass window opposite the door.

They both have a 4.0 kW or 8.0 kW heater depending on their size. The warm LED lighting, placed between the bench and the walls, and the soft backlighting of the mirror give Cabanon a feeling of warmth and privacy. The comfort and practicality of a hand-held shower on the deck lets you enjoy the sense of freedom an outdoor sauna gives you.


Introducing Inside Glass + Inside Camouflage, New Internal Steam Generator

Effe has the only line of internal steam generators on the market, proprietary technology that allows for easy installation, maintenance, and a streamlined steam experience. Now, Effe has added the Inside steam generator to its line of internal units, which is available in Glass and Camouflage versions.

INSIDE is a truly innovative mini generator which is installed inside a shower. It is placed just a couple of centimeters above the floor, ensuring a minimally intrusive presence. Intuitive commands and LED RGB lighting at the bottom add the finishing touch, packing all the top-quality features of a professional Turkish bath into one small space. Available in 3 and 4.5 kW for volumes up to 4.5 m3, Inside comes in two versions: Inside Glass and Inside Camouflage, where the front of the generator can be clad in the same material as the walls.

As well as the Smart Boiler Cleaning and the Smart Water Flow functions (standard on all Effe steam generators) which dramatically reduce maintenance of the boiler and heating elements, Inside is the first Effe generator which allows users and maintenance staff to carry out cleaning by simply introducing regular citric acid directly into the boiler, so they do not have to call a technician. The generator signals when this basic maintenance is needed. Contact us now to get more information or begin the quote process.