Come Visit Us at HD Expo this April 30 - May 2 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

We’re excited to announce that we will be exhibiting alongside Effe at this year’s HD Expo in Las Vegas. HD Expo is the largest single destination for hospitality product discovery in the U.S. We’re delighted to be returning to HD Expo for the third year running, exhibiting alongside our peers in the luxury hospitality marketplace. We will be showing several of Effe’s unique sauna and steam offerings, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Booth 5329

We’ll be exhibiting at Booth 5329, showcasing a mix of sauna and steam cabins, as well as an array of steam generators. Effe’s line of superior steam generators, both internal and external, will be spotlighted, as well as the new Aladdin sauna and the BodyLove H, a luxury steam room.

BodyLove H

The BodyLove H is a freestanding steam room, also known traditionally as a Hammam, that was designed by the late Rodolfo Dordoni. This cabin is a top-of-the-line luxury steam cabin with Effe’s signature steam technology, Nuvola Smart, featured within.

Internal Steam Generators

On display at KBIS will be both the Inside and the Touch&Steam generators, both of which are internal steam generators and feature patented Effe tech.

Inside Glass and Camouflage are the newest additions to Effe’s line of internal steam generators. Effe has the only line of internal steam generators on the market today. This proprietary technology means that no external boiler or unit is needed; all the necessary components of the generator are contained within the unit mounted inside the steam room or hammam.

The Touch&Steam is a top-of-the-line internal steam generator, meaning it doesn’t require any external unit to function. The Touch&Steam is for the wellness purists. This generator features eight levels of steam, providing total control when shaving, exfoliating, applying skin treatments, etc. It provides all the functions you want in a professional steam room, directly in your shower.

External Steam Generators

The Nuvola Smart Power is Effe’s flagship external steam generator and the most advanced steam generator on the market, with the ability to learn every time you use it. It features a patented, first-to-market steam diffuser that distributes steam evenly throughout the space, increasing the quality of every steam session. It can also be controlled from the Effe app or by a remote control.

The automated electronic management system is the backbone of the Nuvola Smart Power. It saves energy while controlling steam output, making this durable, low maintenance steam generator the ideal solution. The Nuvola Smart Power also does not pressurize its steam, resulting in an extremely silent, restorative experience.