The Nuvola Smart Power Steam Generator by Effe, Compared

The Nuvola Smart Power, in Comparison

The Nuvola Smart Power is the flagship steam generator by Effe, the luxury Italian manufacturer of wellness equipment and our partner in all things wellness. Nuvola, which means “cloud” in Italian, is the perfect word to describe this absolutely unique steam generator, which, when set in comparison with any steam competitor, will always emerge the victor in the quality of the steam, the ease of use and maintenance, the beauty of its sleek design, and the ultimately superior wellness experience provided to our customers.

The Nuvola Smart Power is a traditional “external” steam generator that packs a lot of standout, proprietary features within, and it does require an external unit to be placed outside the walls of the hammam or shower enclosure. (Here’s an in-depth explanation of external and internal steam generators.) However, the Nuvola Smart Power remains the best-in-class for external steam generators, and here’s why.

Noise Comparison

One of the most noticeable features of Effe’s generators, especially the Nuvola Smart Power, is how virtually silent it is, especially when compared to the leading competitors in the space. The videos below perfectly capture the stark difference in noise between Nuvola Smart Power and a competitor:

Unique Features of Effe Steam Generators

In addition to the above, Effe steam generators pack a range of proprietary features that the other suppliers simply don’t have.

Smart Energy Control

When the steam generator is turned on the maximum power of the generator is used to bring the water up to boil to reach the set temperature. Once up and running, power consumption is reduced by half or 1/3rd depending on the model in use to guarantee consistent steam production without the peaks associated with an element that keeps switching on and off. This function is exclusive to Effe steam generators. Less power consumption equals money saved!

Power Steam Function

Our ventilation system, called the Power Steam Function, provides an even temperature and distribution of steam throughout the cabin. There are two temperature probes located in the steam diffuser head and control panel that are constantly monitoring the temperature of the steam room. If the top of the steam room is getting too hot or lower portion too cool, our technology, with the help of a fan, rotates the steam.

Smart Water Filling

Boiler will always keep water in the boiler to ensure consistent steam output, which avoids any waiting period to refill and re-boil that would case a gap in steam output.

Effe Comfort Control

From an app on your phone, you can pre-set on time, control temperature, music and lighting to make the use of your steam generator even easier.

Regulating Water Flow

Regulating Water Flow means easy installation, as our steam generators work on a wide range of water systems with different pressures. If the water pressure is low, the Nuvola Smart Power will self-regulate to ensure the steam is consistent.

Open Door Sensor

If the door on a steam unit is left open, our system will recognize that the temperature has dropped and stop steam production, while a notification will be sent to your phone. ODS avoids wasting energy and potential water damage.