The Health and Wellness Benefits of a Steam Room or Hammam

What is a steam room?

You may have heard the term “steam room” before, especially in the context of private or commercial spas, or you may even have a steam room in your gym. Steam rooms, also referred to as hammams or Turkish baths, are tiled rooms with benches and are equipped with a steam generator meant to fill the space with heat and warm steam. Perfect Wellness Group is a leader in the thermal space industry, supplying Effe steam generators, custom steam rooms, and saunas for both residential and commercial spaces.

What is the difference between a steam room and a sauna?

Often, some people may get confused by the differences between a sauna and a steam room, because both are heated spaces present in most modern spas with similar health and wellness benefits. However, there is one easy difference to remember: saunas are wooden cabins with very low humidity, and steam rooms are tiled spaces with very high humidity (90% or higher). Saunas and steam rooms also vary in their level of heat: saunas tend to have a much higher temperature than steam rooms. Learn more about the differences between sauna and steam rooms.

What is a hammam or Turkish bath?

A hammam, a Turkish bath, and a steam room all basically refer to the same practice of wellness through steam. A hammam refers more specifically to a public bathhouse common in the Middle East used as far back as ancient times, and a Turkish bath is the Victorian-era English term for these same thermal spaces. Whatever you may prefer to call it, the practice of wellness through steam is ancient and its benefits are well-documented.

What are the health benefits of steam?

The health benefits of steam are many. Regular use of a steam room can improve blood circulation and promote healing of broken skin tissue. It can also lower blood pressure, because the increased production of aldosterone balances your levels of sodium and potassium. Steam rooms can also reduce stress by decreasing your body’s production of cortisol. Steam may also clear congestion and aid in respiratory issues, especially during a cold or respiratory infection.

The clouds of steam in a hammam/Turkish bath also promote skin, hair, and nail health by keeping the moisture levels high. Many athletes regularly use steam rooms because the moist heat effectively combats muscle pain, thus aiding in workout recovery. Steam rooms may loosen stiff joints, so some use them as a warm-up pre-workout and to help with mobility, thus reducing the risk of injury during exercise. Most importantly, steam rooms can boost your overall immune system health by stimulating leukocyte production.

How do I safely use a steam room?

To use a steam room safely, check first with your doctor regarding your cardiovascular health. If you’re sick, limit usage of public steam rooms to prevent transmission to other guests. Also, drinking alcohol isn’t recommended before a steam. Finally, start using a steam room in small time increments, usually five minutes to start, and don’t stay in longer than fifteen to twenty minutes.

How do I get a steam room at home?

Installing a steam room or hammam in your home is easy with Effe and Perfect Wellness Group. There are two ways to create a steam room or shower in your home: you can either convert an existing shower enclosure into a steam shower by purchasing and installing one of Effe’s top-of-the-line internal or external steam generators, or you can purchase a freestanding, pre-assembled hammam cabin that is simple to install in a home. Browse our Steam Offerings and Contact Us to learn more.