Effe Plug&Play Saunas: The Benefits of Effe Freestanding Cabins Versus Improvised Construction

Effe saunas offer much more value than any other player in the marketplace. Effe saunas are designed and handcrafted in Italy, with all the luxury design and attention to detail you associate with Italian craftsmanship. However, we sometimes get questions about what makes an Effe sauna so special, especially when compared to improvised construction, or the process of creating a home sauna “from scratch” through a contractor. Let us walk you through all the benefits of having a freestanding cabin installed in your home, rather than having to build one.

Ease of Installation

When you choose a freestanding Effe cabin, you won’t need to work with half a dozen vendors and contractors to achieve a beautiful, easy to use, and efficient final product. You don’t need to call several different contractors and tradespeople to assemble your sauna cabin in pieces. You don’t need a carpenter, you don’t need to source your own wood and materials, you don’t need to call an electrician to wire the space, and you don’t need to buy your own heater or infrared panels.

Benefits of Effe Saunas

When you order an Effe sauna according to your specifications, the entire cabin is pre-wired, insulated, and pre-installed in the Italian workshop prior to shipping. The cabin, which includes the insulated, wired walls with the wood paneling and finish of your choice, is then disassembled after it passes quality assurance and arrives as a “kit” at your doorstep. This kit easily fits in standard elevators so it can be delivered wherever you need it to be.

On site, all you need to have are a level floor, an air gap of around half an inch around the sauna, and an electrical connection. Effe saunas can operate at two powers: 208 (3 phases) or 240 (single phase). The heater, glass door (if applicable), junction box, and all accessories come pre-assembled. All a contractor needs to do is put it together and plug it in. That’s why we call them “Plug&Play.”

Check out this article for an in-depth look at the workshop in Cesena, Italy where Effe saunas are created by talented craftsmen and innovative machinery.

Luxury Design

The ease of installation is one of the most attractive elements of purchasing an Effe sauna, but it’s not the only reason. Effe saunas are made to be installed easily, yes, but they are also works of art in and of themselves, designed by some of the most prestigious Italian furniture designers in the game, such as Rodolfo Dordoni, Michele Angelini, and Marco Williams Fagioli, among others. The final product is as stunning a piece of furniture as you can imagine.


The accessories included in an Effe sauna also distinguish our line from competitors as well as from improvised construction. With the Effe Comfort Control app, you can operate your sauna from your smartphone. Chromotherapy, the practice of mood therapy through light, may also be added to your sauna cabin, as well as a Bluetooth speaker to play music during sauna. All of these accessories may be added to your sauna during the quote process, and everything will arrive pre-installed and pre-wired to assemble in your space in as little as one day.


Effe only ever uses the highest-quality natural wood with no additives, finishes, chemicals, paints, or stains that ever leach anything into the air. Because saunas reach such high temperatures, any wood that is used in a sauna should always be free of any substances not naturally occurring in the wood. The wood Effe sources only come from forests that are not at risk for deforestation and are not at risk of extinction. When you order an Effe sauna, you can choose among a range of wood options, from light colored to dark, depending on your design preference.


One of the biggest issues when you’re assembling a sauna on site is the lack of thermal insulation. Without insulation, you run the risk of leaking heat into your space and wasting a fair amount of electricity. Effe thermal insulation prevents temperature dispersion. Less temperature dispersion means less power waste (and a lower energy bill)!

For us, the choice is a no-brainer. Contact us today to begin a quote or browse our sauna offerings here.