Perfect Wellness Group & Effe Exhibit at BDNY 2023: CEO Federico Checo Introduces the Booth

Perfect Wellness Group & Effe at BDNY

Effe and Perfect Wellness Group appeared at the 2023 Boutique Design New York fair, debuting two new outstanding wellness offerings to a North American market. Perfect Wellness Group, the North American branch of Effe and a luxury purveyor of everything spa, was overjoyed to be able to represent the work of the late Rodolfo Dordoni at this year’s BDNY.

Dordoni, who passed earlier this year, was an acclaimed, award-winning Italian designer and architect who enjoyed a long-term, prolific partnership with Effe, designing several sauna cabins for the company’s impressive line of wellness offerings.

Perfect Wellness at BDNY


‘Aladdin’ Sauna & ‘Inside’ Steam Generator at BDNY

  • Aladdin is the newest freestanding sauna cabin from Effe, on display at Boutique Design New York for the first time. Inspired by the classic tale, the Aladdin calls upon images of flying carpets and the feeling of weightlessness, which is achieved by the mirrored fascia that runs around the bottom of the sauna, both inside and out. This reflective band creates an effect of melting the sauna into its surroundings, further accentuated by the soft, recessed lighting of the benches. The benches’ rounded edges make them visually appealing and physically comfortable, while the heater, the heart of the sauna, is clad in anodized aluminum, mirroring the “mirrored” effect of the structure.


  • Inside is a truly innovative mini generator which is installed inside a shower. Intuitive commands and LED RGB lighting at the bottom add the finishing touch, packing all the top-quality features of a professional Turkish bath into one small space. The Inside Camouflage can be clad in the same material as the walls. As well as the Smart Boiler Cleaning and the Smart Water Flow functions (standard on all Effe steam generators) which dramatically reduce maintenance of the boiler and heating elements, Inside is the first Effe generator which allows users and maintenance staff to carry out cleaning by simply introducing regular citric acid directly into the boiler, so they do not have to call a technician.

Federico Checo Introduces the Booth


Watch CEO Federico Checo give a tour of the booth and pay tribute to the work of Rodolfo Dordoni.