Nuvola Smart Power

The Nuvola Smart Power is the most advanced steam generator on the market, with the ability to learn every time you use it. It features a patented, first-to-market steam diffuser that distributes steam evenly throughout the space, increasing the quality of every steam session. It can also be controlled from the Effe app or by a remote control.

The automated electronic management system is the backbone of the Nuvola Smart Power. It saves energy while controlling steam output, making this durable, low maintenance steam generator the ideal solution. The Nuvola Smart Power also does not pressurize its steam, resulting in an extremely silent, restorative experience.


Each Nuvola Smart Power comes as Kit, full operational and it includes: Steam Generator, Steam Diffuser(s), Internal Control Panel, Roughs for Control Panel and Steam Diffuser(s).

Nuvola Smart Power is CSA approved for US and Canada.

It can be used in Residential and Commercial applications.

Nuvola Smart Power is Made in Italy

Power Requirements:

Nuvola Smart Power is available in 3 different voltages: 208V 1Ph 3Ph or 240V 1Ph. Available Powers: 2.5,3,4.5, 5.5, 7, 9, 11, 14, 25, 36kW. Multiple units can be linked together to reach bigger kW/Capacity.