Yoku SH

Our Yoku collection is an award-winning steam & sauna system designed by Marco Williams Fagioli that calls on nature to provide relaxation and peace.

The key features of the Yoku SH are the large, recessed glass walls in bronze, glass along the front, and the vertical elements in natural wood. Being in a Yoku calls upon the feeling of being outdoors, in the middle of the forest, but in the privacy and serenity of your own space.

Sauna Materials:

heat-treated aspen wood, solid heat-treated wood, Canaletto walnut or custom.

Steam Materials:

Calacatta Gold Extra grès porcelain, Fior di Bosco Tortora grès porcelain, Calacatta Gold Extra or custom.

Sauna Included:

Lighting with led white light – 3.000 K, Heater with stones, Control panel with brushed steel finish, Automatic energy-saving function, Electrical system with protected cable ducts, wooden benches, Protective grille for heater, Wooden bucket and ladle, Hourglass, Outer shelves.

Steam Included:

Nuvola Smart Power steam generator, Lighting with LED white light – 3.000 K, Benches clad in grès porcelain, Touch control panel, Effe Comfort Control, Outer shelves.