Perfect Wellness Group offers a wide range of exclusive products for every commercial space. We work with design teams, spa owners/operators, and hotel owners/operators to create spaces that promote peace and relaxation with the latest technology all packaged into beautifully designed pieces.

Professional Spa

Perfect Wellness Group offers a wide range of services to complete any commercial spa area including Thermal Areas, Halotherapy, Salt Walls, Ice Fountains, Hammams, Rasul, Caldarium, Laconicum, Tepidarium. We will soon have the capabilities to control all the treatment rooms with unifying software for further control and management of the space.

We support projects from their planning stage, design selection, and value engineering to the site inspection, construction supervision to the supply of equipment, logistics, installation, and after sales assistance. We are a one-stop shop for all of your spa needs.

Combined Units

The cabins are pre-assembled, wired, tested, packaged, and delivered as a complete unit. The result is a smoother production process, faster installation on site, and product with a longer lifespan.

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In Suite Solutions

We have exclusive compact steam generators and cabins that are a prefect upgrades to any luxury hotel suites. This transforms the space from a hotel room to a wellness sanctuary. Our products instantly add value to the room.

Pools & Hot Tubs

Perfect Wellness Group, with our partner Preformati, has solved the complex process that is pool construction. We can provide standard and custom pool solutions using the high performing material EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). EPS is a super light, flexible, and energy-saving material that allows designers and architects to transform their vision into a reality. Using EPS allows us to overcome the limits imposed by traditional construction techniques. With over 20 years of pool experience, Preformati has continued to expand their knowledge and skills with a continuous learning of technical and architectural issues.

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Snow Machine

With our partner, Snow Industries, Perfect Wellness Group has the capabilities to add snow fountains, snow showers, and snow rooms to any wellness space. When in a snow room, the cold temperatures imitate the outdoors. When your body is exposed to such low temperatures, you increase your body’s energy output, which can boost metabolism. The cold air can also strengthen your immune system, improve blood circulation, and act as a relief for sore muscles.

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Salt Treatment

Perfect Wellness Group can offer custom salt walls and salt treatment rooms for commercial spaces to practice halotherapy. Halotherapy is a wellness practice that involves breathing salty air. This practice dates to the nineteenth century when Polish miners working in salt mines recognized the positive results on their skin and respiratory health. Halotherapy can take place in cool salt caves with a halo generator that grinds up salt and releases the particles into the air. When these particles are inhaled, the salt can absorb impurities from our bodies. White or Pink Himalayan backlit salt walls can replace a wall in any of our saunas to turn the heated space into a salt cave.

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