The Therapeutic Benefits of Sauna

The Wellness Benefits of Sauna

You may already know about the origins of the sauna ritual, but are you aware of all the therapeutic benefits of this ancient practice? Sauna originated in Finland, and our line of traditional saunas are all inspired by the Finnish tradition. For centuries, the benefits of sauna have been enjoyed for generations of people, and now, with the popularity of sauna continuing to rise, more people than ever can harness the power of sauna.

Safe Sauna Practice

As with most therapeutic practices, the benefits of sauna are felt the most when the ritual is practiced regularly. In a sauna, the heat of which can reach as high as 212 degrees Fahrenheit, our bodies rebalance as we sweat, reducing tension and anxiety in our minds, and allowing our muscles to loosen and release tension as well.

As we sweat, our bodies release toxins and our metabolism gets a jumpstart and can even improve over time with regular sauna sessions. Some studies show that the ritual can lead to lower blood pressure and therefore improved heart health.

These benefits are connected with traditional Finnish sauna, of which Perfect Wellness offers a full line of standard (Plug&Play) and custom cabins in a variety of price points to suit your style and budget. We also offer a newer, less traditional Infrared sauna.

As with all wellness and health practices, proper practice of sauna is essential to reaping the benefits. You may have seen a clock in some of the saunas in public spas, and this is important because spending too much time in the high heat, dry environment of a sauna isn’t recommended. For a traditional sauna, spending 5-10 minutes as a beginner is recommended. If you’re an athlete using the sauna for recovery or if you’re a regular sauna practitioner, 20 minutes is likely sufficient, but you should wait 10 minutes after a workout to enter the sauna.

An Infrared sauna works by heating the body from the inside, rather than heating the air around the body. We offer hybrid saunas—cabins that feature a traditional heater as well as an Infrared heater, for a customized sauna experience.