Logica S

The Logica S is a modular sauna designed by Talocci Design that includes a shower area as well as a drain system, allowing for mobility of the unit during remodeling and easy installation. Unit is available without the floor and drain system as "Logica S Filo."

The Logica S is a sauna and shower carefully designed to be faithful to the Finnish tradition. The sauna’s warm, dry environment stimulates sweating and purges your body of toxins, while a post-sauna shower is a pleasant way to complete the wellness experience. The sauna and shower are two complementary elements that are designed for the utmost comfort and practicality.


Inside and fittings: Canadian hemlock
Doors in 5/16” tempered glass
Platform: 1 1/2” laminated gres porcelain

Sauna Included:

Wooden benches, Heater with stones, Touch control panel, Automatic energy saving function, Bucket built into the lower bench, Wooden ladle, Hourglass, Electrical system with protected cable ducts, Lighting system with LED RGB color therapy, Effe Comfort Control.

Shower Included:

Mixer tap with flow regulator and diverter, Ceiling mounted anti-scale rain shower head, Hand-held shower head, Effe Comfort Control.