The Aquasteam is a top-of-the-line internal steam generator, which means it doesn’t need any external unit to function. Effe has the only line of internal steam generators on the market.

The Aquasteam comes equipped with a glass bowl for post-steam session hydrotherapy. The thermal shock associated with hydrotherapy can strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, regulate body temperature, brighten skin, and increase your metabolism.

Power and Voltage:

Aquasteam is available in 2 different voltages: 208V 1Ph or 240V 1Ph. Available Powers: 3 or 4.5kW.

Aquasteam is CSA approved for US and Canada

Aquasteam is Made In Italy


Steam Generator with steam diffuser, Automatic boiler cleaning system, Water flow rate control system, Automatic water drainage system, Touch-screen control panel with backlit icons,Temperature gauge, Waterfall spring with controlled backlit water flow, Bowl in white resin, Container for essential oils.